Early detection for liver cancer
Liver cancer is the 6th most common cancer in Korea and has a high recurrence rate of more than 50% within 3 years after surgery.
MethyLiverDx detects liver cancer–specific methylation biomarkers in micro-tumor DNA from blood samples and provides easy and quick results with higher accuracy than conventional liver cancer screening methods.
MethyLiverDx uses cfDNA extracted from the patient's blood to amplify three genome probe sites by MS-HRM-type RT-PCR. The measurement of methylation then provides information regarding the occurrence of liver cancer.
Liver Cancer Surveillance Test and Risk of Death
Patients who underwent two or more screenings had a 24% lower risk of death than those who did not.
Why early detection in liver cancer is important?
Liver cancer is a silent killer with no symptoms, so early diagnosis is important
  • - Does not recognize, until 70% damage
  • - 5-year survival rate 9.6%
  • - 52% survival rate when found in stage 1
Source: Korea Health and Medical Research Institute (2017), Effect of National Liver Cancer Surveillance Test on Early Detection, Death and Medical Cost of Liver Cancer
Simple automated one step PCR assay
An in vitro diagnostic medical device for diagnosing liver cancer by analyzing the methylation of DNA in human blood with a high-resolution melting method
Blood sampling Tube
extraction reagent
conversion reagent
Rapid Red PCR Master mix
PCR Enzyme