CEO Message
Young-Joon Kim
Academic Background
  • 1980.03 ~ 1984.02 Seoul National University, BS
  • 1984.03 ~ 1986.02 Seoul National University, MS
  • 1987.09 ~ 1992.04 Stanford University, Ph.D.
Professional Experiences
  • 2019.07~Present, Founder and CEO of Lepidyne Co., Ltd.
  • 2017.05~Present, General Manager of Precision Medicine Genome Project Group
  • 2017.05~Present, General Manager of Precision Medicine Project Group
  • 2016.07~Present, Director, Post-genome Project
  • 2001.01~Present, Professor at Yonsei University
  • 2021.01~2021.12 Chairman of the Korean Genome Society Academic Award Selection Committee
  • 2018.01~2018.12 Director of the Korean Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • 2012.07~2014.07 HFSP Council Chairman
  • 2008.09~2011.08 Underwood Special Distinguished Professor, Yonsei University
  • 2005.04~2008.12 National Cancer Center Cancer Control Promotion Planning Committee Member
  • 1999.09~2001.02 Assistant Professor, Sungkyunkwan University
  • 1994.08~1999.08 Senior Researcher, Samsung Life Science Research Institute
  • 1992.04~1994.07 Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Cytology, Stanford University
LepiDyne Co., Ltd., a global leader in the field of cancer diagnosis

Advances in medical technology have improved the quality of life and extended the lifespan of cancer patients, but cancer remains the number one cause of death among modern diseases.

The most important factor in successful cancer treatment is an early and accurate diagnosis. Unnecessary treatment due to misdiagnosis is very costly, as is the treatment of late-detected cancer.

However, recent developments in diagnostic technologies have led to personalized treatment for cancer and furthermore allow early detection to accomplish higher full remissions.

In particular in vitro diagnostics for cancer patients using blood is an area of increasing research and with advances in technology, more delicate analyses have become possible.

Through its world-class molecular diagnosis technology, LepiDyne Co., Ltd. is now striving to provide individual patients with an optimized and customized treatment that involves simple examination methods. Our ultimate goal is to develop cancer solutions using liquid biopsy applicable in early detection, prognostication, and companion diagnostics.

LepiDyne Co., Ltd. has established clinical networks centered at Seoul National University Hospital and has secured liver cancer diagnostic/prognostic markers and liver-specific markers. Combined with a PCR-based diagnostic system, we hope to bring liquid biopsy into routine clinical practice. We hope to reach domestic and global diagnostics markets.

To achieve global growth, we plan to conduct clinical trials in Singapore and China through collaborative research with co-founder Dr. TEH Bean Tin, vice president of the Singapore National Cancer Center, while pursuing US FDA certification to target overseas markets.

LepiDyne Co., Ltd. will grow into a cancer blood diagnosis (bio-health) company that can compete in Korea and globally with simple but differentiated products and services.

We will create a happier and healthier world by providing optimal treatments at a reasonable cost by going beyond the limitations of existing surveillance tests.